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GT Radial Maxmiler - for trailers and caravans

tyres with a particularly long service life - that is what need followers. For these smaller transport vehicles of GT Radial Maxmiler is produced. The name gives a hint already: The Transporter tyres from GT Radial trying to score points with a long life. For robust tread compounds and a deep profile structure are used.

Fixed grip, strong drive

GT Radial Maxmiler is a summer tyre for trailers and caravans, which has a high load capacity. Even heavier loads can with this van tyres therefore be transported over a longer distance. The profile is characterized by wavy longitudinal ribs and a midblock in honeycomb. This design gives the GT Radial Maxmiler a high contact surface and gives it the necessary traction to get heavy vehicles in motion. Simultaneously, the tread pattern reduces external noise. The therefore also scores with a high and quiet ride.

Safe driving characteristics in dry conditions and rain

In a total of five different dimensions of GT Radial Maxmiler available for selection. All are approved in the speed category Q, which means that they may be driven with a maximum of 160 km/h. GT Radial Maxmiler is often used not only for fans but also for caravans, since it has a high tensile force. is the drive to the camping holiday with the GT Radial Maxmiler a safe pleasure. His good handling reserves of summer tyres even in the rain. The two circumferential longitudinal ribs provide namely rapid water evacuation in wet roadway safely.

Who will haul heavy loads on a trailer or the best tyres looking for a caravan, finds the GT Radial Maxmiler a reliable tyre. With a high load capacity and robust design makes it ideal for long distances.

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