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GT Radial Maxmiler X - an economical and reliable tyres for vans

GT Radial Maxmiler X is also with a heavy load from its strong side. This is made ​​possible by the many good handling characteristics, with which this summer tyre is fitted.

Maximum mileage and excellent grip

GT Radial Maxmiler X turns out to be a very reliable and efficient vans tyres, which is safe and stable even at high loads on the go. This is thanks to the sophisticated tread pattern and innovative tread compound of GT Radial tyres is provided. The robust construction with two steel belts and a nylon cap can only benefit from a very high load-bearing capacity of an excellent grip and a very good handling. This is supported by a maximum mileage which the GT Radial Maxmiler X shows, even under adverse weather and road conditions. Moreover, the very pleasant handling is worth mentioning, so that smooth steering maneuvers can be very well realized with the GT Radial Maxmiler X.

GT Radial - great success thanks to high quality

The tyre manufacturer GT Radial manufactures and develops its high-quality models in its Indonesian home. Not only there, the company significant market shares and a great response of customers can enjoy. In this country, the motorist show long of good quality and perfect running performance of the tyre of GT Radial convinced all of which can come up with a very good price-performance ratio.

GT Radial Maxmiler X proves to be a more efficient and economical vans tyres, which is the whole summer traveling via safe and reliable. This is made possible by the robust design and the high quality tread compound, so that you can benefit at any time in addition to a very high load-bearing capacity of a maximum mileage and an extremely pleasant handling.

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