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Accelera Phi-R Tyres

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Accelera Phi R Tyre

Accelera is an Indonesian brand, and it has been a dominant player in the Indonesian tyre industry. It has a huge range of products, and one of the most popular is the Accelera Phi R tyre . The tyre can handle warm weather and works well in wet road conditions as well.

Tyre Accelera Phi R is Approved for Safety

The tyre is approved for road safety. It means that your vehicle can go at hundreds of miles an hour without losing stability. Furthermore, the tyre Accelera Phi R produces a noise of 72 Db because of its piped resonance. Your vehicle won’t make any noise when you are driving at high speeds.

Thoroughly Reliable

The Phi R tyre ensures bumpy-less ride because it can handle rough surfaces. It can also handle wet rod conditions. The tread construction of this tyre can channel the water under the surface and dissipate it quickly.

Get the most from your tyre

Ensure that the tread stays over 1.6mm. Any reading below means that the tread has worn out which is dangerous. Make sure to keep an eye on the pressure inflation of your tyres to avoid any trouble.

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