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Accelera Phi Tyre

Accelera Phi Tyre hales from Indonesia, and it has been leading that market for a very long time now. The company has equipped this tyre with features to withstand highly humid and hot weather conditions. Summers are very long in Indonesia, and therefore, plenty of consumers there look for Accelera Phi tyres for their vehicles.

Accelera Phi Tyre certified for safety and stability

This Indonesian maestro is approved for safety and stability on the road, and you can drive up to 190 miles an hour with it. Moreover, the tyre Accelera Phi only has a noise level of 72 Db which means they don’t make noise when in contact with the road, enabling you to pass by others smoothly.

A reliable road experience with Accelera Phi tyre

The tyre Accelera Phi enables your vehicle to provide you with a bumpy-less drive. The tyre can handle rough road conditions as well as wet weather. It is one of the best tyres that you can use for rainy or even snowy days. The tread design of this tyre can dissipate water quickly which means that your tyre will remain internally dry even during hard rains. These tyres are suitable for a variety of vehicle types.

How to get the most out of your tyre Accelera Phi?

Make sure that the tread of your Accelera Phi tyre stays over 1.6mm. Anything less than 1.6mm can be fatal, particularly in slippery road conditions. Hence, you need to make sure that the tread of your tyre stays above 1.6mm and as soon as it drops down from this reading, replace it as soon as you can. You must also keep an eye on the pressure inflation of your tyres to stay safe on the road.

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