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Accelera Iota Tyre

Accelera is one of the top dogs in the Indonesian tyre industry. The brand’s focus is to provide the consumer with top quality summer tyres. With this philosophy, the company has introduced numerous tyre models that have been very popular among the masses. One of them is Accelera Iota Tyre . The tyre Accelera Iota offers maximum endurance against high temperatures. Furthermore, this tyre comes at a very affordable price as well.

Tyre Accelera Iota – Built to Perform

The tyre Accelera Iota is all about performance and speed. You can drive your car over 160 miles per hour with this tyre without having any second thoughts regarding vehicle stability. The tyre is certified for safety, and above all, it has a very low noise level (72 Db) which means that your vehicle will not make any noise. It also offers good traction and improved gripping capability to give your vehicle frictionless acceleration.

Maintenance Aspects

Please bear in mind that the tyres that have tread under 1.6mm become dangerous. These tyres don’t have enough gripping ability and traction and tend to be slippery. Make sure that you replace your tyres before they reach this limit. Also, keep a close eye on inflation pressures of your tyre to avoid any bursts or mishaps on the road.

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