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Advance your motoring development with Selenia oil

The association and exchange of information between the oil producers and various industries is an essential part of the ongoing development process. When you buy Selenia oil online you are assured of a product range that is contributed to by this combined is developed in close partnership with both the automotive business and the industrial effort. It is designed to help predict and meet the future and increasing demands of all consumers with products that guarantee highly-efficient and environmentally friendly performances.

Selenia lubricants such as “K-Pure Energy” are required to meet stringently design performance standards related to tests conducted in hi-tech laboratories. This is a recent fully synthetic product for new petrol engines, offering a low-ash content that meets the new ACEA C3 specification. Due to it providing complete protection of the catalyst, the lifecycle of the product is extended.

How Selenia engine oil is predicting your motoring future

Simulating real-life motoring is part of the design process for products derived from oil. Selenia begins its chemical-related development in a laboratory. It is part of a development process that includes real-life simulation before the physical testing stage. In what is known as a progressive lab, the lubricants are subjected to periodic testing, with modifications applied as and where necessary, to meet the determined and changing conditions and reactions of the mechanical parts involved.

The simulation process is an integral part of the Research and Development procedure, but is also crucially, where the laboratory boundaries are superceded by an experiment in the determined real-life application. The Selenia motor oil is utilised with genuine mechanical parts, with the majority of test-cases being conducted at user locations!

To determine the best product designed for your particular vehicle, visit the Selenia oil finder and conduct some research for your application!


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