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What is 10W50 Oil?

10W50 oil is intended for a specific application. It is an oil used to lubricate the engine of vehicles. It is important when you buy 10W50 oil to ensure that the bottle contains specific information such as the purpose for which it is intended, such as motor oil, gear oil etc., the 10W50 oil viscosity, the API and ACEA ratings, the OEM approvals it carries and the codes. If this information is not contained on the bottle, do not buy it. Many oils today are multigrades which mean they have a dual purpose, they can be used in both in the winter and the summer. The 10W part of the oil simply means the oil is good for winter use and the number 10 means the oil must have a certain maximum viscosity or flow at low temperatures. The lower the number means the oil performs better during cold temperature starts and cold temperature performance. The 50 in 10W50 means that the oil has to meet certain viscosity limits at 100 degrees celsius. The lower the number the thinner the oil is. Always refer to your vehicles handbook to verify the type of motor oil your vehicle requires. 

When Do I Know When to Check and Change My Oil?

The obvious tell tale signs you are low on oil or it needs to be replaced is as follows:

  • Engine light or Oil light displays on your dashboard
  • Exhaust smoke
  • Excessive Mileage
  • Engine knocking or noise
  • You smell oil inside the vehicle
  • When you check the oil, it is dark and dirty

Ultimately you should check your oil level in your vehicle approximately once a month. Monitoring your oil on a monthly basis will help prevent serious problems which can occur should your vehicle experience very low oil levels. 

Shopping for the Best 10W50 Oil Price

The 10W50 oil cost will totally depend on where you purchase it. Normally the 10W50 oil price at gas stations tends to be a bit higher. However, when you choose to buy 10W50 oil online you can find a much better oil 10W50 price. Our website is ideal for finding the best possible price on 10W50 oil. 

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