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Total oil pushing innovative quality further

As a leading example in the field of lubricant technology, the dedication to extensive research and development initiatives is ongoing. Total maintain its innovative commitment to producing the very best quality products. In turn, consumers when thinking of filling their vehicles with petrol or oil, Total branding is foremost in their buying decisions. Progress is for this worldwide organisation an incentive for product improvement, which includes fuel economy for the motorist and protection of our environment!

With the future in mind, and the objectives associated with adapting to meet it, the boundaries of innovative development are continually being further extended. To create and encourage service excellence related to Total motor oil, close and mutually beneficial partnerships have been formed with leading manufacturers worldwide.

With pre-determined objectives, highly specified Total lubricants are developed and formulated to meet the ever-increasing demands of Formula-1 racing and World Rally Championships. This extreme development program benefits the average family motorist, by it being reflected in the commercially available products. This means that for every general application, there is a pre-proven innovative lubricant, developed to meet that particular task,

High quality guaranteed Total engine oil

When you buy Total oil you are investing in a product from a manufacturer so confident about their quality that they provide a guarantee with it. From the excellence of its refined base oils to the highly advanced technology utilised in producing essential additives, only the highest quality raw materials and expertise are used. It is a formula which guarantees the significantly high standards of the lubricants.

The lubricants blending plant in Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire boasts the best in class production methods conducted on site. The inherent knowledge of lubricants enables this producer to help maximise the energy and productivity engines and other machinery to the full for greater efficiency. For the lubricant designed for your particular needs, visit the Total oil finder.

Further support is offered to consumers by way of Total oil online and with advice available from a large team of field-based highly-qualified experts, regarding the most suitable products for your specific application.

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