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Shell oil and its influence on energy for your vehicle

Almost 15-years ago the four-stroke engine was first patented, but few could have forecast the dramatic effect it would have on transportation and how engines would develop into the technical marvel they are today! We are inclined to accept technology, such as Shell motor oil, as a part of our natural environment, and rarely consider what is happening under the bonnet!

When you buy Shell oil you are in effect protecting your engine and component parts, as well as saving energy. This is achieved by enabling easier and more efficient movement and interaction within your vehicle. Using the best available oil Shell oil in addition to lubricating the engine cleans out harmful deposits, due to innovative active cleansing agents. For best results, you can utilise the Shell oil finder and determine the oil that best provides your vehicle engine with maximum protection!

Control is an influencing factor in the operating cycle of an engine, despite it being basically similar as for the past one-hundred years, but, with some extreme refinements. This includes gaining the maximum amount of energy from the minimum amount of fuel, information on which can be found at Shell oil online.

Shell engine oil and Ferrari innovation

Innovation is a term that today is used in a wide and varied range of contexts but when it’s applied in relation to two world power sources like Shell and Ferrari then it could be time to sit up and take notice. It’s a relationship that can be traced back to the nineteen-thirties and to 1947, when the first Ferrari road car was driven out of the factory in Maranello, Italy with the help of Shell lubricants!

It’s an example of a combined innovative development which continues today, with every engine in a Ferrari from the production line in Maranello, including icons like the 458 Italia to the latest creations, being protected by oil, Shell Helix Ultra with its PurePlus Technology. It’s about a product that has the best of proven recommendations, from where it counts; the experts who drive the vehicles!

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