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Advance your motoring with 5w40 oil technology

If you are seeking technologically advanced, high-performance heavy duty diesel motor oil, 5w40 is a fully synthetic product designed to help towards gaining a prolonged life for the engines of your vehicles. At the same time, it provides a long drain capability which especially benefits those modern diesel engines operating in extraordinary and severe applications.

This is oil that offers exceptional performance value in modern low emission engines, which includes refrigerated units and older but well-maintained engines. When you buy 5w40 engine oil you are investing in a protective lubricant that is recommended for a wide and varied range of heavy-duty applications. It is also highly recognised for having the capacity to perform in the challenging operational environments related to:

  • On-road transportation
  • Off-road mining applications
  • Construction environments
  • Agricultural industries

The highly efficient performing 5w 40 oil cost-effectively provides advanced lubrication technology; a product that equals or exceeds the stringent specifications as set by major OEMs.

Reducing oil usage with engine oil 5w40

It has been determined that many of the modern, low emission diesel engines generate extra soot and comparatively perform at temperatures that are higher than those of older engines. This has the affect of significantly increasing the need to maintain the vehicles with high-performance lubricants. The engine designs that offer a tighter emission capacity reduce oil consumption, which has the result of less new oil additives being needed to replace those that have been depleted.

However, in the case of the top piston rings being situated higher, the oil film is brought closer to the combustion chamber, which exposes the oil to harsh thermal stresses. The capabilities of 5w40 motor oil enable exceptional performance at high temperatures, with it also being fully compatible with conventional oils.

There are many and varied advantages associated with this particular motor oil, including for vehicle fleet users, the convenient and more manageable facility of single engine oil for mixed vehicle-types operations. With its low volatility and an expertly formulated low viscosity, the engine oil 5w40 price could be regarded as a sound and protection-driven investment!

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