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5w50 engine oil

Just like most oils that we see today on the shelves of the shops, 5W50 motor oil is multigrade. This type of oil was produced around 5o years ago, which provided car owners with possibility to use the same oil in winter and summer. What does mean multigrade oil? Multigrade oil is the oil that has two viscosity grades. Viscosity is the characteristic feature of oil telling the driver how thick or thin the oil gets at various temperatures. In 5W50 5W index means viscosity flow at low temperature, while 50 tells us how the oil reacts at 100 degrees. The lower the index, the better performance of the oil at cold temperature. Engine oil 5W50 is a good choice for cold start protection because it flows better than, for example, 10W.

5W50 motor oil manufacturing

5W50 engine oil is a common choice for racing as well as normal driving styles. Mobil is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of this type of oil delivering product of ultimate protection and performance. The company is applying race-proven technology that is perfect for cold race start of the engine.

5W50 motor oil of Mobil has the following benefits:

  • Reduces deposits of by-products of combustion and keeps the engine clean for a longer time;
  • Improves oil quality with the help of additives;
  • Ensures wear protection of the engine;
  • Excellent viscosity and protection at low and high temperatures.

Mobil produces only high-quality products that are extremely popular among car owners. For this reason, 5W50 motor oil engine of Mobil production can be found basically anywhere. However, the cheapest 5W50 oil price is online. Today online shops present serious competition for traditional shops in terms of prices. The Internet is the place where you can find anything at much better price. Do not hesitate to try it and compare price of 5W50.

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