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Added resistance to heat and breakdown with 15W40 oil

If you are serious about improving the resistance of your vehicle to heat and breakdown then 15W40 motor oil offers the alternative that is superior to traditional petroleum oils and accordingly provides a longer-lasting performance and extended protection. The first API qualified synthetic motor oil in the world was seen in 1972, when it was launched into the market by AMSOL. For consumers today, when they buy 15w40 engine oil it also includes a developed extensive experience in engine protection!

Offering an exceptional performance and value is the synthetic heavy-duty diesel and marine motor oil 15W40, a leading diesel product that provides a lubricant protection for all types of diesel engines. It is designed to be exceptionally effective regarding the crucial prevention of component wear and waste material deposits. It is competent diesel oil with significant heat-resistant and breakdown properties in comparison to those of conventional petroleum oils.

Engine oil 15W40 extends and protects component life

Every vehicle owner would like to secure a long-lasting performance and protection for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. This can be achieved with the help of the synthetic engine oil 15w40. Price is relative when distinct advantages with proven benefits are obtained, such as extended draining-intervals and the lifespan of engine components. With an original synthetic formulation, maximum protection is achieved with an inherent cleaning and performance capacity.

The oil formulation retains soot particles suspended independently thus preventing them from forming larger, wear-inducing particles. This, in turn, restricts the viscosity factor and reduces wear that is soot-related. Added efficiency with extended life and performance benefits could be seen as an investment in productivity with the 15w40 engine oil cost! This heavy-duty diesel and marine synthetic oil is more than a lubricant; it offers renewed life for your vehicle!

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