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Keeping the world in motion with Repsol oil

Getting back to oil or lubricating basics; it serves the purpose of reducing friction between two moving surfaces! It sounds simple, but the process becomes more complex when you start considering the various grades and viscosities of oil. Repsol may seem similar at first glance, even in its functions but when you consider the aspects of this particular oil further, significant differences become apparent.

Oil, in general, serves the purpose of protecting mechanical components and reducing friction. It also acts as a sealant and has the capacity of cleaning and cooling engines. A question that can arise relates to the differences between a synthetic and a mineral lubricant! This relates to a lubricant, such as Repsol motor oil being categorized according to the means utilised in obtaining its primary component, the base oil.

The guideline for this is if the base oil is derived from traditional petroleum refining, then it’s seen as a mineral. Alternatively, if it’s sourced by way of another process, such as chemical synthesis, then the lubricant is categorised as synthetic. 

Environment-friendly Repsol engine oil

A primary concern for the aware oil producers is the protection of our environment and is a reason for ongoing research into products that are capable of sustainable development. When you buy Repsol oil online you are assured of it being a less viscous lubricant that will contribute to engines using less fuel. Also, it is a product that is designed to be as environment-friendly as is technically possible.

Wastage of materials is another factor plaguing our planet, and to help alleviate this Repsol continuously develop new and innovative components. They provide an improved resistance to aging that results in the marketed giving a prolonged lifespan. It is a policy that helps Repsol lubricants reduce the utilisation of raw materials, with the result of less hazardous waste, for example; used oil.

High-quality lubricants are crucial in the maintenance of engines for maximum performance. By visiting the Repsol oil finder you will be assured of using a lubricant that meets the demands of your particular vehicle.

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