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Get a new performance start with Fuchs oil technology

When you buy Fuchs oil online you are also investing in your motoring security. You will have the satisfaction of knowing your vehicle or equipment is supported by one of the primary lubricant manufacturers, responsible for the start-up filling of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machines.

It is a producer that offers a wide and varied range of lubricants for all applications related to the automotive industries. They provide their customers with the best available technology, including in the form of the highly recommended XTL. It is an original and protective additive for oil; Fuchs has developed and which is recognised worldwide. It is also one in which its maker has set new standards of excellence!

Engine safety and protection are critical in the high-powered and demanding motoring environment of today. It is a demand that immediately comes into effect upon starting the engine of your vehicle or mechanised equipment. It has been tested, tried and proven that Fuchs motor oil for engines containing XTL technology has the capacity to protect those difficult-to-reach areas where its protective film is crucial.

Best protection with Fuchs engine oil and the XTL factor

If you visit the Fuchs oil finder you will discover the exact lubricants that you’re your particular needs. You will be given the advantage of procuring the best available oil that makes your life move smoother, faster and easier, especially under extreme conditions. In addition, you are also assured of your valuable mechanical assets receiving thorough and reliable protection throughout the entire service life of the oil.

Machinery and equipment are vakuable assets, with downtime resulting in lost production and financially. can quickly cripple even the largest company. Our products and technical backup are designed to eliminate breakdowns. In the case of your vehicles, the driver will reap benefits from Fuchs lubricants with an effortless starting procedure, which in turn provides for less wear and an overall improved fuel efficiency.

This, in turn, combines to produce cost-effectiveness and increase other benefits in comparison to conventional oils of the same viscosity class.

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