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What is so special about 10w40 oil?

Driving straight into the deep end, when you buy 10w40 engine oil it is a lubricant that is recognised as being ideal for petrol and diesel engines, but probably the next question would be, why! Firstly, Lucas Semi-Synthetic 10w40 oil is a blend of high-quality base oils with the addition of an exclusive high-performance additive package. This is designed to ensure:

  • Minimum Drag
  • Extended engine life
  • Longer oil life
  • Easier cold weather starting.

The 10w 40 oil cost offers various advantages which include a reduced oil temperature that provides for a longer oil life with less resultant metal fatigue. This is added to by the factor of a high lubricating capacity making for faster acceleration and an RPM increase.

In general, oils are formulated for specific applications and are not intended to be interchangeable. Accordingly, when considering the engine oil 10w40 price it must be seen as crucial that the specified purpose of the oil is determined.

Multigrade and the importance of an engine oil 10w 40 viscosity?

The majority of oils sold today are known as "Multigrades", which were developed originally about 50-years ago. The reasoning behind this was the avoidance of the traditional practice of utilising thin oil for winter and a thicker product in summer. The viscosity factor of oil determines the grade of the material; by example, motor oil 10w40 just confirms the product as being categorised in two viscosity grades.

The protection offered by this grade of oil applies to oil cavitations, or foaming, which is recognised as essential for high-revolution engines. In addition, it slows the process of oil burning, as well as raising the oil pressure when used in worn engines.

A further definition of 10w40 motor oil is that the “w” means “winter” and that the oil has a determined maximum viscosity or flow at low temperature. Lower is the "W" reference; better is the cold temperature and cold start performance of the oil.

It is, however, all related to your particular application and the best quality performance!

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