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Castrol oil helps keep the world in motion

A leading provider of premium lubricating oils and greases to many and varied industries in more than 46 countries, Castrol has become a name associated with keeping machinery on the move. A source of lubrication for the automotive industry and their consumers of oil, Castrol contribute to the transportation of people and materials that keep nations productive.

Practically every form of industrial, commercial and domestic application requires some form of lubrication. In this respect, automotive lubrication in most forms, need a wide and varied range of manual and automatic transmission fluids and Castrol lubricants as well as:

  • Waxes and coolants
  • Suspension and brake fluids
  • Greases
  • Cleaners and maintenance products

Castrol motor oil meeting everyday needs

Increasing consumer demands for ever more reliable transportation, greater performance and economy means that the engines of today are subjected to greater operating pressure and heat. Castrol motor oil is developed to meet particular consumer needs and applications, for example, Castrol EDGE. This is regarded as its most advanced range of engine oils to date and the strongest! It offers a unique Fluid Strength Technology that helps reduce metal-to-metal contact.

It is recognised that in the region of 75% of engine wear is caused during the engine warm-up period. Upon the engine being stopped, the oil usually drains from the primary engine parts. However, with the intelligent molecules contained in Castrol MAGNATEC, this process is prevented. It is an aspect of the Castrol engine oil price whereby your engine is given extra protection for extended life.

Engine sludge is another detrimental issue for engines needs to contend with; as it is one that can effectively block crucial oil-flow. If neglected or ignored, it has the capacity to deprive an engine of power and eventually lead to its demise. The Double-Action formula of Castrol GTX removes the old sludge from your engine.

This popular and highly regarded oil boasts standards beyond those recognised by industry, and it offers your engine protection against the formation of new sludge and just one reason to buy Castrol oil.


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