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New marketing innovation with Mathe oil

In 1966 the amalgamation between the Mathe Company and Norac provided a marketing opportunity for a lubricating additive known as metallic stearates. It was utilised in developing and patenting a highly efficient “COAD” manufacturing process.

A product development program was instituted to expand and build upon a foundation of metallic stearate chemistry. It saw Mathe lubricants benefitting from significant group investments being made in respect of Research & Development (R&D) technology and also in a blending and production capacity. Today, the formulated additives are manufactured and marketed as various lubricant blends and calcium/zinc heat stabilizers, among others, that benefit the thermoplastic and thermoset markets.

A well recognised and established brand name in oil, Mathe is contributing to meeting the needs of consumers with specialised products such as their Classic Engine Oil Additive. This is a specific engine oil additive designed for classic and vintage cars and serves as an optimum bridging facility for extended periods of a vehicle remaining motionless.

Vehicle investment protection with Mathe engine oil

With the addition of the Classic Mathe motor oil additive to the engine, the reliability of vintage and classic engines is significantly improved with the assurance of long-term engine protection! It is an additive that is reportedly regarded as being representative of the most recent additive technology, as shown by its many years of successful use in racing engines.

The active ingredients contained in the Classic Engine Oil Additive have been specifically formulated for engines of pre-war vintage cars. In addition, it protects your vintage and classic cars investment, in vehicles constructed during the year’s 1950 to1970. To determine the requirements for your particular car engine, visit the Mathe oil finder. The Classic Engine Oil Additive is without any solid matter and is compatible with all engine oils of a viscosity SAE 30 to 40 categories!

When you buy Mathe oil online you are assured of the best possible quality and products that have been stringently tested and approved. Your engine oil additive is designed to protect the condition of your vehicle engine, which at the same time, helps in its value retention.

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