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Kroon oil and 100-years of high-performance service

The highest standards of quality are needed for any industry to compete and succeed in the global marketplace. If a producer can also show a proven record of sustainability for more than 100-years, then it gives them that all-important recognition and trust with consumers. For the consumer, the highest level of efficiency, reliability, and performance are demanded to achieve their specific targets and a Kroon oil finder is one means of keeping their applied wheels of endeavor turning!

Transportation is a critical aspect of our lifestyles today, whether it’s related to commerce and industry of home and family. With ever-increasing inter-action, the effects of heavy loads and extreme temperatures are commonplace in vehicle maintenance. This, in turn, places a significant burden on the producers of protective lubricants, and in particular, oil. Kroon is a manufacturer of premium lubricants and over the course of 100-years, has acquired the extraordinary expertise to meet the exceptional demands placed on its lubricants.

Specialised lubrication with Kroon engine oil

The investment made in Kroon oil lubricants by its investors has been supported by the best available and innovative creative development. Utilising the highest degree of expertise, the accumulated one-hundred years of experience and dedication has been focused exclusively upon the ongoing development and production of premium lubricants.

Regardless of the application, when you buy Kroon oil online you are assured of receiving the highest-quality product. Whether the application relates to:

  • Heavy-duty or passenger vehicles
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial applications
  • The shipping industry
  • Your bicycle and more

Being an independent manufacturer, the producer of Kroon motor oil is capable of a fast response to market changes. Maintaining observation also on technical trends, it is a consumer-oriented producer that is aware of their constantly increasing demands!

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