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Engineering designed Ford engine oil

The association between Castrol and the Ford Motor Corporation has been to the advantage of the motoring public, worldwide. It’s a strategic collaboration that provides for the mutual development of lubricants for new vehicle engines. In addition, as the vehicles come off the production line for delivery to dealers, their first lubrication filling procedure is with Ford lubricants.

The term mutual development describes the combined efforts of the engineers representing Ford and Castrol, directed towards product development. Results will be seen in improved performances from the vehicles and their lubricants, such as engine oil. Ford goes to the extent of recommending Castrol from the vehicle production stage. Every new Ford has this recommendation on the filler cap and in the handbook, which means that the performance of your vehicle enjoys the advantages and benefits provided by a jointly developed lubricants high-technology.

If you are a vehicle owner and unsure as to which lubricant is best for your particular needs, visit the Ford oil finder and view the various available products, including Ford-Castrol Magnatec Professional. It is a determined fact that pp to 75-percent of engine wear takes place during the start-up procedure.

Engine protection with Ford oil

An example of the Ford-Castrol joint development success is seen in the lubricant protection provided by Magnatec Professional. It is a lubricant that has inherent intelligent molecules, designed to protect your vehicle engine against wear. It is achieved by this Ford motor oil adhering to the engine components with a magnet-type effect. It can be seen as being similar to the provision of an extra layer of protection that takes effect as soon as the engine is started.

The Ford-Castrol Magnatec Professional lubricant is an exclusive product that is supplied only to Franchised Dealerships. The applied and unique quality standard utilise a microfiltration process, designed to ensure ultimate cleanliness. The product is then subjected to particle measuring that determines every litre of the product surpasses an exacting Quality Standard.

Buy Ford oil online and ensure your vehicle benefits from the Intelligent Molecules advantage; it makes motoring sense!

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