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Cepsa oil the multi-energy source provider

Energy keeps the wheels of our worldwide economies turning, primarily by oil. CEPSA is at the forefront of petroleum and natural gas exploration, and in the various related production aspects of the “Black Gold.” These include refining, as well as the transportation and selling of crude oil derivatives; gas, electricity, and petrochemicals.

The crude oil as it is drawn from below the surface is not usable for industrial or automotive applications, without being subjected to specialised processes. These are conducted in determined refineries, from which the large variety of CEPSA lubricants is obtained. Amongst them are those known as base oils, which form the foundation of many commonly used lubricant products across the globe, and which are known as:

  • Mineral oils; derived directly from petroleum and recognised as being the most common.
  • Synthetic oil is produced from a base which originates from complex formulations or synthesis.
  • Semi-synthetic is a combination of the two preceding elements.

The result is a completed product in the form of a lubricant with various characteristics for particular applications. To determine the correct lubricant for your particular needs, the CEPSA oil finder provides a comprehensive guide.

CEPSA engine oil designed for specific applications

The dedication of Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U. (CEPSA) is the production of the highest quality energy. It is involved in every operational stage of oil processing and provides employment for over 10,000 people. In terms of turnover, this producer of CEPSA motor oil is the fourth largest industrial group in Spain, with a history that dates back more than 80-years!

Among the foremost oil typed applications are:

  • 2 & 4-stroke engines
  • Gearboxes and transmissions
  • Industrial applications.
  • Marine-related purposes
  • Lubricating Greases

When you buy CEPSA oil online you are investing in the best quality and performance value. The influence and enhancement of specialised additives are combined with the physical and chemical characteristics of the completed lubricant. The finished product designed to meet your specific needs, for protecting, cleaning, sealing, and a lot more!

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