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How Akros oil serves agriculture and construction industries

Agriculture and construction are two of the key industries in any form of economic environment. Within these industries are various and crucial influencing factors, some of which remain un-noticed as they make their important contributions. One of such is known as Akros lubricants which are specialised and provide a valuable service to the agriculture and construction sectors.

This high-quality protection is designed for advanced technological machinery possessing sophisticated components and which operates in extreme environments. Designed to meet the stringent demands of international emissions standards applicable to oil, Akros is a highly regarded asset in the sphere of machinery protective lubricants.

Well known in the provision of high-performance protective lubrication, is ETRO a brand name and producers of a range of excellent quality Group III base oils. These base oils combine with Akros motor oil to formulate an engine boosting performance, which benefits, for example, the high-performing engine of a compressor. Added value is gained from the product by Group III base oils emitting less harmful emissions and waste.

Applied and proven results with Akros engine oil

Akros is committed to advancing lubricant technology within the agriculture and industrial industries, among others. Therefore, when you buy Akros oil online you are investing in an innovative and cost-effective protective solution for your valuable equipment! Ongoing research and the development of exciting futuristic formulas help meet not only the demands of industries today but for the future. Protection is provided for:

  • Transmission components and Power steering devices
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Radiators and cooling system, among others.

With the best available protection offered for various light and heavy equipment and machinery, reference to the Akros oil finder can provide you with the right lubricant option for your specific needs and circumstances.

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