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14 steel wheels

14 steel wheels can be equipped with small cars, hatchbacks, and even on some sedans. The job of the wheel is very simple to move the car as fast as possible while keeping both the machine and driver grounded.

The wheel makes it a good choice for hatchbacks that have to go on bumpy roads. In case of smaller cars, it can be a much-needed upgrade as a larger wheel size means better ground clearance. Increasing the wheel size does have one major drawback. On cars with a smaller engine capacity, the work needed to get the tyres moving increases, which leads to more fuel consumption.

Materials for 14 Inch Steel Wheels

14 inch steel wheels are the most commonly found wheels on small cars. That doesn’t mean that there is no upgrade available. 14 inch wheels can be made of alloys, aluminum, and steel. Besides the price, the function and strength differ too. The alloys are the strongest, aluminum in the center, and steel at the bottom.


14 inch steelies don’t require specialized care. However, the steel is prone to corrosion. The corrosion is a result of salt deposits because of driving on the roads. Light corrosion can be scrubbed away with soapy water and steel wool while heavier corrosion can require professional intervention. Most wheel failures are attributed to cheap composition material, but another component failure can be the cause, wheel nuts. Wheel nuts can wear out three times faster than the wheel and require bimonthly care to keep them in top shape.

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