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16 inch steel wheels

16 inch steel wheels are most commonly seen on sedans, CUVs, and some SUVs. The wheels are the cheapest to buy in the given size and are the most basic of equipment. If the wheels were a radio, the steel ones would be the one with the dial for adjusting the channel and one for the volume.

The reason steel wheels have stuck around for so long is that they are cheap to buy and abundantly available. The availability and cost make it a good choice for original equipment in the automotive industry. The performance of the steel wheels is average at best, and some tend to overheat the tyre in the summer.

Comfortable Drive with 16 Inch Steel Wheels

The comfort of the wheels mainly relies on the tyres that are fitted, but the shock absorption utilizes the suspension, tyre, and rim. In terms of absorption, the steel wheels are very rigid, and the lightly dampen shock – you will feel it, but the car components won’t feel it as hard.

The 16 steel wheels do affect the handling of a vehicle. As the wheels are very rigid, they reduce side to side sway a car might experience while shifting lanes. The wheels do so by pulling the tyres back towards the wheel.

Efficient Fuel Economy

16 inch steelies won’t bring about any dramatic change in the car’s fuel economy. Switching to alloy wheels will give you that result. The fuel economy of the car remains unchanged by steel wheels, and if they are placed instead of alloy wheels, the fuel economy will drop as the wheels just became heavier.

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