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Sailun Terramax CVR: driving pleasure off street

Owners of SUVs and off-road vehicles know it has come off its appeal once the asphalt road. It is only important that the tyres can cope with the situation. In the off-road tyre series Sailun Terramax CVR that is the case and also the price is right.

Sailun Terramax CVR - terrain tyres for the summer

Good handling characteristics, high mileage performance and acceptable levels of energy efficiency: the off-road tyre series Sailun Terramax CVR cut in all areas with good results from - except the price, since the tyres of Sailun are simply sensational. The summer tyre for all-wheel drive and off-road vehicles , they feature grooved slat profile that the vehicle has sufficient grip for optimum braking even in the rain. The outer disk of the tyres also improve traction on off-road terrain. In addition, the tyres are tubeless, which in turn has a positive effect on the mileage. Open to the Sailun Terramax CVR for maximum speeds of up to 240 km/h.

Sailun - international success after only 12 years

A wide range of quality tyres from the Chinese manufacturer Sailun already exist in the international market. One notable success of only 12 years existing company, which is made up of different companies together. Sailun is literally sprinted and has also brought outside help in the development of the same tyre model. Leading companies from the rubber industry are as natural partners of Sailun as selected universities. The innovative and high-quality cars and off-road tyres of Sailun are now successfully offered throughout Asia, Europe and America and is growing every day, the number of satisfied customers.

Those who opt for the terrain tyre series Sailun Terramax CVR, get good quality at an excellent price. The tyres have a high mileage and convince even off the road.

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