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Sailun Atrezzo ZSR Tyres

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Sailun Atrezzo ZSR Tyre

The summer tyres Sailun Atrezzo ZSR, are Ultra High-Performance tyres. They are known for being quite economical for their user. They are designed automobiles with high powered engines. They provide the comfort and noise levels for comfortable and luxurious cruising while being tough enough for hardcore racing. Being a young brand, Sailun became popular quite fast.

Tyre Sailun Atrezzo ZSR - The Summer Weather Beast

These Ultra Performance tyres Sailun Atrezzo ZSR , make your journey safer in all summer weathers, be it dry or wet. With the added benefit of having extra durability and reliance on the grip, you get the cost that will be easy on your wallet. These tyres have calculated and designed wide circumferential sipes for good traction in wet. They’re not made for performing in winters as they’re summer tyres.  

Superior Handling and High-Speed Control

The Sailun Atrezzo ZSR tyres are equipped with an unyielding central rib, optimising stability. The wide grooves and asymmetric tread pattern on the contact patch promote the shedding of water as it comes. It also boosts the tyres’ grip. The blocks at the tread surface allow for swift cornering at high speeds. There isn’t much noise emission in the cabin and tyres respond excellently to the steering wheel on most surfaces at high speed. 

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