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Hankook Radial RA14: Convincing performance for vans

tyres for vans have a much higher weight bear as car tyres. In summer, this is especially the tread compounds with great challenges: the high temperatures they can be deformed, the heavy weight of the vehicles they pressed together then. The tyre manufacturer Hankook used for its Hankook Radial RA14 summer tyres therefore particularly stable rubber mixtures.

High security with the test winner

The Hankook Radial RA14 presents itself with a convincing performance. In tests, the for vans summer tyres convince at full line. The magazine Pro Mobile has even named him in 2010 as the winner. Among the most outstanding characteristics of the Hankook Radial RA14 include the easy handling on dry roads, excellent aquaplaning characteristics and short braking distances in the wet. The Hankook Radial RA14 is stable on the road and also shows a high cornering stability. In addition, the summer tyres impressed by a comfortable ride.

Asymmetric tread proven effective in wet and dry conditions

The good handling on dry roads is due to the asymmetrical tread design with a compact outer shoulder. Overall, the profile consists of five different blocks, which take over specific tasks while driving. On the inside of the profile is designed open, allowing a particularly simple drainage. Vans, trucks and vans are with this summer tyres therefore also in a sudden downpour safely. The tyres will meet the speed classes T for 190 km/h or H for 210 km/h.

Hankook has with the Hankook Radial RA14 quality, the driver can rely on vans to. Whether in the bright sunshine or rains, the car is safe on the road and the tyres respond quickly to the brakes.

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