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Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres designed to meet your needs today

For the high-volume motoring influenced life many of us experience today, we need a tyre that has evolved to meet our ever-increasing needs. The Firestone Multihawk 2 tyre is for the modern motoring world, which has evolved from its popular predecessor.

They are manufactured with enhanced qualities that further improve aspects of safety and comfort, as well as providing greater resistance to the wear factor! Its innovative construction and design have enabled added traction capabilities, which make for more comfortable motoring in varying road conditions.

Balanced grip with Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

Tyre innovation in design is seen in the tread pattern which is constructed to provide the most demanding of motorists with outstanding performance. The manufacturers have ensured that the crucial contact between tyre and road surface is balanced and controlled, whether being driven on dry or wet surfaced roads. Accordingly, you have the advantages of highly-efficient road-holding and handling capabilities.

Combined with effective noise reduction, Firestone-Multihawk 2 tyres give you the added benefits of efficient water dispersal that in turn aids in the prevention of skidding. It enables stress-free driving, helped by an awareness that this tyre is also economically-friendly.

Driving economy with Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres

A creative design has motivated a reduction in tyre wear, with tread blocks that provide increased rigidity thereby giving added resistance to abrasion. This also has a further economic benefit with significant fuel efficiency! In addition, the added wear factor means less tyre replacement and further savings financially.

Supporting your tyres is the history of a well established branded tyre manufacturer with experience of over a century behind it. A proven product record of service reliability and durability, are part of your Firestone Multihawk 2 tyres and the result of ongoing innovation and development worldwide. 

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