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Firestone Firehawk SZ 90 Tyres

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The Firestone Firehawk SZ 90 - the rapid flight of the Fire Hawks

The Firestone Firehawk mediated alone with its design has the feeling of a phenomenal rate. The actual benefits are in this summer tyres to also nothing optics.

Exemplary steering behavior and superior rear stability when Firehawk

In the field car tyre for sport classes the competition usually is always close to each other, and only a few actually manage, significantly depend their competitors in the services. The Firestone Firehawk SZ 90 scores in particular with its unique design that already at the sight of high sportsmanship and blazing speed conveys. The performance figures are then also correspondingly, and are among the best, it has to offer the class of W / Y tyres. Especially in the steering response, the steering angles and when braking on dry roads the Firehawk shows its excellence, when wet it is still one of the best in its category, albeit a wet road in the W / Y class represent the real specialty for no tyres - but that's class conditionally.

Firestone - tyres on the highest technological level, also in the top classes.

As usual of Firestone and the Firehawk SZ 90 is a quality product, its performance values ​​are at the top of the class. Firestone is not for nothing that the practical oldest tyre manufacturers in the world, and like all companies in the Bridgestone Group undertakes very high quality guidelines. In addition, Firestone is a leader in the field of technological development, together with Goodyear. At tyre as the Firestone Firehawk SZ 90 you noticed this clearly, as well as the almost one hundred years of experience in automobile racing.

The Firestone Firehawk SZ 90 is a powerful tyre for sporty vehicles. Not only superior design but equally outstanding performance figures characterize the Firehawk from here. It offers quality and sportiness at the highest technological level.

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