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Falken LA AT - an all-terrain tyre from the High Performance Segment

The Falken LA AT the renowned manufacturer from Japan presented again a powerful companion who has the title of "high performance tyres" truly deserves. This is the numerous good runnability this SUV tyre owe that leaves little to be desired in terms of stability and comfort open.

Good handling and excellent adhesion

The Falken LA AT delivers anytime from a very good performance and strong running performance. This is thanks to the intricately designed profile design of this all-terrain tyre from Falken , which can be impressed by demanding conditions hardly. This expresses itself in addition to a very good handling in excellent adhesion of the Falken LA AT from both on dry ground and on wet and smooth asphalt. In addition, the comfort comes even in higher speed ranges, too: For the low noise emission, through which the Falken LA AT may also distinguished makes.

Hawks - quality tyres, can meet the highest standards

The tyre manufacturer Falken is now part of international Goodyear Group, who beyond his Japanese homeland addition, for its high-quality and efficient models already widely known. This also applies to the modern and qualitative Falken to the very strong performance and good mileage show, even under adverse weather and road conditions. In addition, customers can appreciate the wide range of different models, which is suitable for many different vehicle types and species.

The Falken LA AT presents the renowned tyre manufacturer from Japan once again his great skills. This all-terrain tyre proving to be a very powerful and reliable companion who, thanks to its numerous good running properties for a high safety and a comprehensive stability.

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