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Falken Eurowinter HS01 Tyres

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Falken EuroWinter HS01 Tyre

Winter tyres are the most sought after in the market, and the reasons are clear enough. In the summer, you have the choice to drive on dry, dirt, or wetland. But in the winters, the only terrain you’ll encounter is snow. So you must have a snow optimised tyre, like the Falken EuroWinter HS01 tyre.

Tough Tread Construction

This tyre has a very tough and long lasting tread compound, which makes it easy to move around in the snow. Being a winter tyre, you would expect the tyre Falken EuroWinter HS01 to be just for the snow. But the dirt and wet performance of this tyre are splendid. They provide superb handling even in the water or on dry land. Just trust the Falken.

Getting the right set of Tyre Falken EuroWinter HS01

The tyre is best suited for snow and winter conditions. It has heavy duty tread compound which keeps the rubber from cracking or breaking. The tyre can adapt to low temperature using the multiple layers in its casing. It has splendid dry and wet performance as well. The tread pattern of this tyre keeps water and mud from accumulating and has great movement in the snow. The HS01 offers low noise and shakiness too.

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