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Bridgestone Car Tyres

For those who like to shop for tyres from the biggest and what many consider as the best then they will want the car tyres bridgestone brand. This is a well known name that competes with many of the other well known tyre brands. There are a lot of bridgestone car tyres buyers because they know they can count on this brand of tyre. They have been recognized in events like the GP2, and Formula 1. Most figure if they are good enough for these events then they are certainly good enough for them.

Bridgestone Car Tyres Prices

Bridgestone tyres for car use are most appropriate for the passenger vehicles. There are different options for those who want to buy seasonal tyres. The best way to buy bridgestone car tyres is via the internet. Those who buy bridgestone car tyres online find that they are able to get the best deals. There may be some variances in the bridgestone car tyres prices but these can easily be compared online if one relies on a great resource that we provide here. We have gathered all of the lowest prices for these tyres and have them here in one place that are not only easy to see but to access as well. They are all provided by quality and trustworthy tyre providers so shopping at any of them should be a pleasant and satisfying experience. It is easy to take advantage of the best Bridgestone car tyres prices when you use our reliable and accurate resource.

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Bridgestone tyres

At the founded in Japan in 1931 Bridgestone no way turn over, if you're looking for high-quality tyres. The company is one of the world's largest producers of rubber. In addition to car tyres for large and small car series Bridgestone developed among other tyres for F1.

Bridgestone tyres - popular tyre manufacturer for original equipment and the Formula 1

The company, which earned with the sale of tyres to known motorcycle manufacturers like Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda in the years after the Second World War mainly his money, is now one of the major tyre manufacturers become for the initial supply of passenger tyres. The initial production of motorcycles and bicycles, the firm early again. 1988 Bridgestone expanded by buying up the tyre manufacturer Firestone and thus established itself still in the tyre market. And today, the company is at the forefront of tyre producers. In addition to the original equipment tyres for BMW, Mercedes or Porsche name Bridgestone is also known from Formula 1, is there the most popular brands. For BMW the world famous tyre manufacturers has become the leading tyre supplier of high performance tyres. He also provides the high-performance tyres of type Turanza and Potenza for all current BMW car series. Even an environmentally friendly tyre, the leading tyre manufacturer Bridgestone offer. The Ecopia tyres is for the MINI Countryman and made the 1-he number of BMW.

Summer and winter, always good ride with Bridgestone tyres

In a test of the magazine "Auto Road" took the Bridgestone summer tyres Potenza S001 with 225 mm width, a tyre cross section of 45% and a diameter of 17 inches to 1st place from 11 tyres tested. Characteristic of the Potenza S001 is its asymmetrical profile. In the bead area of ​​the tyre are flexible inserts that reinforce the tyre, thereby increasing the longitudinal stiffness. Result of this property is to ensure the necessary braking force, while the vertical stiffness is retained, which ensures good ride comfort and the necessary support in the curve. Even in the wet the car tyres Potenza S001 ensured by its premium wet technology high security. The high profile grooves ensure rapid discharge of the water. The aquaplaning danger is significantly reduced. The reduced rolling resistance and ease of tyre construction can even save fuel while driving. But not only the Potenza S001 has very good handling in dry and wet conditions, the other summer tyre from Bridgestone offers high security without ifs and buts. For winter tyres, it looks similar. For example, ensuring the winter tyres Bridgestone Blizzak LM-30 is a high level of security and control in all winter conditions. The asymmetry of the tread pattern incorporates a high performance vane technology. This improves the gripping edges and contact surfaces. The increased proportion of silica in the tread material guarantees improved performance in all weather properties. But not only the Blizzak LM-30, but all winter tyres from Bridgestone are equipped with high comfort and safety features.

The leading tyre manufacturer Bridgestone is not only for safety and high performance of its car tyres, but also ride comfort at the highest level. The high-quality Bridgestone tyres each car gets a good driving stability, also when driving at extreme curves.

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