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Bridgestone Turanza T001 Evo Tyres

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When you invest in these new and improved tyres you are assured of excellent and safe driving for the summer season. This tyre has an impressive origin, with its development from the well-known and appreciated Turanza t001.

With tested reliability and durability you can enjoy comfortable smooth driving whether in the city or on the highways. Ideal for family cars, they make for easy-riding daily drives to and from work and those extended holiday driving experiences. Your new Bridgestone Turanza t001 Evo tyres offer an asymmetric tread pattern, which is recognised in the industry as offering one of the most advanced technically advanced motoring solutions.

You are not only assured of excellent vehicle control, but also pleasing silent running and cost-effective fuel consumption!

Bridgestone Turanza t001 Evo motoring value

Whether driving your car on dry or wet road surfaces, the miles will pass by smoothly, comfortably, resulting in a relaxed environment within the vehicle for driver and passengers.

The Bridgestone Turanza t001 Evo gives a superb performance that is not only founded in the tread design but can also be attributed to the innovative rubber compound used in their manufacture. It achieves a successful compromise between a low-rolling resistances and determined driving parameters when encountering wet surfaces.

Meeting your great expectations

Every vehicle owner has the right to expect only the best quality and safest driving experience from their tyres investment and these improved Bridgestone provide this with added style.

Whether your driving needs are confined to local journeys or for regular touring you are assured of maintaining a secure contact with the roads. A proven brand that offers you the in safe motoring and ongoing proved reliable performance! 

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