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Economic performance with the Mazda oil solution

For any Mazda owner, whatever type you are driving, your vehicle is special; because each unit off the production line has different lubricants requirements. They are dependent on the model, engine, and the recommended interval between oil changes. To be sure of consumers being guaranteed the best possible fuel efficiency, and maximum engine performance, there is ongoing development in Mazda lubricants designed to meet and exceed all quality and warranty standards.

In conjunction with Total, Mazda promotes the use of fuel-efficient lubricants which provide energy savings and are cost-effective. An example of this is shown when using standard oil for driving in urban environments or starting the engine. It has been determined that about 40% of the generated energy is utilised by the vehicle as the result of engine friction. Mazda motor oil in the form of economic fuel lubricants included in their content special additives.

Mazda engine oil the energy-saving advantage

Designed to reduce the friction contributing to energy loss and engine wear, fuel economy lubricants help reduce the amount needed during the start-up procedure. The result is, therefore, not only in energy-savings but also in the reduction of fuel usage, CO2 emissions and importantly, extending your engine lifespan! Irrespective of your vehicle needing topping-up or a complete change of oil, Mazda, and their recommended providers are a determined-savings choice.

Your Mazda dealer or maintenance provider can advise you on the appropriate lubricant for your vehicle. However, if you wish to determine directly the recommended oil you need, you can visit the comprehensive Mazda oil finder. There, you will have a full selection of the best Mazda engine oils and lubricants.

A partnership entered into between Mazda and Total oil in 2016, has seen the engines protected by Mazda lubricants and developed by Total being driven over 140-billion kilometers. When you buy Mazda oil online you have the security of knowing that Total oil has researched and developed lubricants that are engineered to perfectly combine with the technical requirements determined by Mazda, for a reliable and economical motoring experience!

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