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Total oil review

Mechanics often joke that the engine is the heart of the vehicle. If you want the heart to pump “the blood”, you need to feed it with good oil. Engine oil lubricates the engine and protects it from overheating. If you take the oil that does not comply with standards and requirements of engine manufacturer, bad choice can result in damage and quick wear. That is shy choosing the right oil is so important.

Total engine oil

Today the market of oil production offers a great variety of oils. In fact, the number is so huge that sometimes it is hard to choose. If you take your care to the garage to change oil, you do not have to think of selecting the right motor oil as mechanic does it for you. However, having at least basic understanding of how the engine works is good for every driver.

One of the most recommended and reliable products on the market is the oil products manufactured by Total company. Total is a French multinational company with considerable record and experience. Total produces various oils, including synthetic, semi-synthetic, and conventional oils. Total motor oil has a number of features distinguish it from other oils on the market:

  • Better temperature resistance. This is the main feature of synthetic oils as they can deal with high temperatures without any breaking. Synthetic Total lubricants are highly recommended for countries and regions with extremely hot weather conditions.
  • Better handling with low temperature. Due to its multigrade feature, synthetic Total motor oil handles low temperatures perfectly well and does not become thick.
  • Reliable motor protection. Synthetic oils provide better protection for the engine unlike traditional oils. The secret lies in different qualities and ability to change viscosity grade.
  • Low oil consumption. Plenty of oil companies have been working on making their product less consuming but not all of them are successful. Total has managed to produce oil that evaporates less, which results in less oil consumption.

Where to buy Total engine oil

Total products can be bought in any specialized shop as the company produces a wide range of products. Total engine oil price is not low in comparison to other oil products but this is a reliable contribution in quality. One of the ways to find better price offer is to shop online. Numerous online shops sell Total oil at reasonable and affordable prices.

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