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A 50-years-plus service driven performance from Elf oil

The Elf history records a service to consumers founded on excellence in product performance, records and countless achievements that have driven the brand for over 50-years! This record of success contributed to by Elf involvement in motorsports, saw the year 1967 be a milestone for Elf motor oil with the Matra-Elf team winning a French Formula 3 Championship title. Onto 1969, when Jackie Stewart took the first of his three Formula 1 world championship titles driving the Matra MS80, supported by Elf.

In1968, in association with Renault, Elf gained 18-Formula-1 drivers’ and constructors’ world championship titles. This had the effect of a major marketing agreement that recommended Elf lubricants for Renault production vehicles. Various partnerships have since been successfully formed, including those with Alpine, Kawasaki, and relatively recently the re-established and legendary British motorcycle brand Brough Superior!

Elf engine oil as a worldwide performer

The consumers of today are reaping the benefits from the past 50-plus years of dedicated development of the technology and performance-driven lubricants and -engine oil, Elf has brought into the motoring environment. It is an iconic brand that serves 94-countries with over 230 products created for determined market segments. They include; cars, motorcycles, and trucks, with engine oils formulated by experts in their respective fields for discerning users!

An indication of brand commitment is shown by two lubricants range specially designed for competition driving; HTX Racing and the HTX Classic Cars collections. This is seen as the Elf pursuance of excellence, and the brand outstanding in its utilisation of developing technologies and testing them under extreme conditions. The results for consumers who buy Elf oil online are products that have proven value in the highly varying conditions of racing and collector cars, giving motorists an incomparable driving performance!

The history of the Elf brand was expanded in 2001, with it was placed under the Total oil and which is now rated as the fourth-largest lubricants distributor, globally. Consumers wishing to determine the correct lubricant for their specific vehicle will find the Elf oil finder a convenient and valuable tool.

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