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Vredestein Quatrac 3 Tyres

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Vredestein Quatrac 3

Looking for premium quality all seasons’ tyres to use throughout the year? Yes, ok.  Vredestein QUATRAC 3 will be a right choice for you as QUATRAC 3 tyre intends to provide you safe drive all through the year. No matter how much the roads under you are dry or wet due to rain or covered with snow or ice, you will need to stop. Vredestein has asymmetric bidirectional design with separate winter and summer treads that facilitate the vehicle with desired adaptability according to the season and weather.


Vredestein QUATRAC 3 offers an improved grip handling in winter as its winter side employs an undulated sipe pattern with open tread. Ability to handle snow is what makes it ideal in icy and snowy areas. Whereas in summer side, it demonstrates low air ratio that ensures precise control of the direction. Available in 13 inch to 18 inch in sizes, Vredestein QUATRAC 3 delivers short braking distance in all temperatures of dry, wet, and snow. This is the reason it has shown good results in test and beat the competitors due to its maneuverability in all weathers. Forget about buying separate tyres for every season. Be with us and enjoy the durable and safe drives all the year.

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