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Semperit Master-Grip 2

Semperit Van-Grip 2 is a winter response and a heavy a winter tyre specially manufactured for the snowy and slippery roads. They are made to work on both on road and off road.

  • To get the right feedback when driving on slippery road in snowy weather it is crucial to get the good feedback from the car, but the set of advance and super cool technology used Semperit Van-Grip 2 winter tyre made it possible to get the desired feedback from the tyres and to have a complete control over the vehicle. The high quality rubber holds excellent grip on the slippery, shiny road and protects the vehicle from land sliding and gives the experience of convenient driving.
  • The tyre is specifically made for street vehicle. To retain the elasticity at low temperature the high silica tread compounds are used in Van-Grip 2 by the world wide tyre manufacturer brand Semperit.
  • This tyre makes the driver enjoy exceptional and smooth road adherence. The tread compounds that are used in it are mixed with black racing carbons to increase race and dry grip and braking performance.
  • The Semperit Van-Grip 2 advance technology used in manufacturing the tyre of advance quality combines so many advance and fast features that offers accurate fast and good speed and offers the responsive drive.
  • The grooved tyres were introduced, with 3 grooves in front tyre and 4 grooves in rear tyres, and this superficial thing was launched in 1998.
  • Semperit Van-Grip 2 is an excellent production of a winter tyre maker brand that is designed for the sudden and immediate brake of a vehicle. It is also known as winter safety tyre and highly shaped for the brakes. The high quality rubber that is used in the making of this tyre is soft and plain that helps to give a smooth ride.

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