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About Rapid p609 Tyres

If you are driving a high- performance passenger car in the city daily the Rapid p609 tyre is ideal for your car. The Rapid p609 comes in an asymmetric pattern specially designed to increase the contact area on the outside of the tyre. This provides an improved handling of the car when cornering even if you are travelling at a high speed. Tyres Rapid p609 are manufactured to the highest standards using advanced technology, equipment, and the best quality materials.

All their tyres undergo tough testing processes throughout the production. In fact, Rapid Tyres are so sure of the reliability of their tyres that they offer buyers a guarantee.

Tyres Rapid p609

Many people are not aware of the intricate procedure of tyre production, and just buy tyres for their car because they need to renew them and just buy what the sales staffs suggest. Rapid Tyres use a Green tread compound that comes with a higher ratio of silica for reducing the friction between the rubber molecules and decreasing energy loss. As well, the outside shoulder is designed to reduce deformation when cornering for a precise and stable driving experience. Another feature of Rapid p609 tyres is that the anti-slip all weather sipes cover the tread for further stability in all weather conditions and also improving traction under acceleration and braking.

Over time, through wear and tear, all tyres will crack even premium tyres. Rapid tyres come with an above average lifespan and last far longer than those found in the majority of budget tyres. Rapid p609 are certainly a good choice of tyres to buy for going summer touring without having to break the bank. 

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