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Radar Dimax R8: A summer tyre for full-size cars

The radar Dimax R8 belongs to the so-called UHP tyres to the ultra-high performance tyres. These are particularly suitable for high-performance cars of the upper middle class and the upper class. Since moving cars with a lot of horsepower, these have summer tyres be designed for high speeds. Sporty, while maintaining the radar Dimax R8 is a reliable choice for large sedans and sports coupes.

Good performance at high speeds

The radar Dimax R8 has an asymmetric design. This gives the tyre a particularly large contact surface and therefore more contact with the road. This is a significant advantage when driving at higher speeds. The driving stability remains high at any speed, the radar Dimax R8 gets not even in the curves skidding. Depending on the dimension of the radar Dimax R8 is approved for speeds of 240-270 km/h according to the speed classes V and W. In addition to the conventional car tyres include XL variants with reinforced carcass and higher load-bearing capacity to the tyre series that deal with Vans or vans let go.

A strong and reliable newcomer in the tyre market

A strong performance, the radar Dimax R8 show on wet roads. Here the four circumferential longitudinal ribs come into play: They ensure swift water drainage. Aquaplaning provides for these high-quality tyres therefore represents a minor risk. Brand tyres radar are produced by the manufacturer Omni, a relatively new company in the international market. The radar Dimax R8 proves that the newcomers already understood to powerful alternatives to proven brand tyres.

Motorists who are looking for a summer tyre for high speed, will find it with the radar Dimax R8. The excellent price / performance ratio and secure handling in all weather conditions speak for the tyre.

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