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Balanced Price / Value: The Ovation W 586

Security has to be expensive? Not necessarily. While motorists should not necessarily at their winter tyres save, breaking the excessive expenses must however also nobody. A balanced price / performance ratio for example, offers the Ovation W 586, which is just as suitable for small city cars as for larger medium-sized cars.

Safe driving in any weather

A good winter tyres must offer especially on ice and snow, a safe traction, his grip must not lose but also in dry weather and in rain. The Ovation W 586 overcome these challenges in a successful way. Its profile is characterized by staggered blocks; these offer a very high protection against aquaplaning. Even with heavy rainfall can the manufacturer of winter tyres Ovation therefore convince with safe driving characteristics. The deep, slanting the next grooves engage well in the snow and also offer on icy roads a reliable grip.

Full winter performance

As a complete winter tyres Ovation W 586 course provided with the M + S mark and thus meets the legal requirements and the car insurance. Even in adverse conditions of Ovation W 586 moves to correct on the track is not the car to slide. Many different versions are available, which are suitable for cars from compact to middle class. Can be mounted to the Ovation W 586 on aluminum wheels from 14 inches to 17 inches. Approved winter tyre's speed category H for a top speed of 210 km/h.

Strong drive, safe traction, solid grip: The Ovation W 586 is a reliable companion through the winter. Price-conscious drivers go with these tyres a no security risk.

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