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Nexen Roadian 541 - a convincing tyres for four-wheel vehicles

By Nexen Roadian 541 of known Asian tyre maker has a powerful and high-quality summer tyre which impresses with its balanced performance and the impeccable performance.

Smooth running and excellent cornering stability

Anyone looking for a smooth-running, high-performance tyres for his all-terrain vehicle, which is well served with the Nexen Roadian 541 in many ways. For this modern tyre from Nexen convinces with its special smoothness and balanced driving behavior, characteristics that does not subside even in adverse weather and road conditions. At the same time you have 541 not dispense with a high stability and a comprehensive safety thanks to the improved stiffness of Nexen Roadian. Furthermore, this model made by Nexen features four wide grooves that can accommodate and divert all water masses quickly. Thanks to computer-optimized tread of Nexen Roadian 541 can also beneft from an excellent cornering stability and excellent traction on wet roads.

Nexen - quality tyre with an excellent price-performance ratio

The tyre manufacturer Nexen belongs in its Asian homeland long ago to the largest and most important companies in this field. No wonder all be distinguished Nexen tyres but by very good mileage and a flawless performance that are due to the high quality and modern materials. In addition, motorists from around the world can appreciate the excellent price-performance ratio, with which the models can come up.

Nexen Roadian 541 is safe even in adverse weather and road conditions and very comfortable on the road. This is ensured by the numerous good running properties, is by what this summer tyre equipped for wheel-drive vehicles of Nexen. This is reflected among other things in a very good traction, a fast, efficient water drainage and in an excellent cornering stability.

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