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Established in 1995 the brand name, “Jinyu” has achieved recognition in the tyre industry for quality durability and performance. They have directed their efforts towards producing tyres with tread patterns designed for a wide and varied range of applications.

Now listed among the global tyres manufacturing leaders their extraordinary growth factor and popularity have been contributed to by exceptional products such as the Jinyu Yu63 tyres. This is a specialised industry with ongoing and more stringent demands being made on tyres producers, by increasingly aware consumers.

Hi-tech development and Jinyu Yu63 tyres.

The innovative commitment of this tyre producer has resulted in them pursuing an ongoing quest for technological improvement. A primary consideration is to endow their products like the Jinyu Yu63 tyres with inherent safety and road holding features. For this purpose they have established an entire processing and development system, incorporating:

  • Market research
  • Product planning
  • Tyres structure design
  • Formula testing
  • Product testing

When you invest in this tyre brand, you are supported by areas of research that also include independent research related to all steel associated tyres, as well as reducing tyre rolling resistance and road noise!

Product quality and cost-effectiveness

A commitment related to the Jinyu tyres Research and Development is directed towards providing motorists worldwide with the very best quality products. This is further added to by dedicated service support at and the continuous quest towards improvement with advanced technology.

Higher quality products and motoring cost-effectiveness is the target and foundation of this organisation, with an emphasis on innovative new technology. This is seen in the Jinyu Yu63 tyre brand which is the result of highly-efficient product planning, thorough material testing, design and ongoing research.

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