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Syron tyres - sporty and comfortable

Whether Ganzjahresreifen or models for the summer and the winter - at Syron you will surely find it. This is ensured by the numerous good handling characteristics of all products, which is also under Syron can convince himself.

Reliable and noiseless driving comfort

Syron tyres can score in all major categories: For instance, the winter tyres from the popular series Everest for example the secure running characteristics even on slippery or icy roads. Thanks to the specially designed blade types shorter braking distances and a comprehensive stability are also feasible. Also popular are the all-season tyres Syron 365 Days or the numerous Syron tyres for SUV or 4x4 vehicles , which guarantee on the ride in terrain sportiness and comprehensive security. We should also mention the summer tyres, which provide with their asymmetric tread for excellent grip even on wet roads, and noiseless driving comfort and optimum directional stability.

Syron tyres for each claim

The international tyre brand Syron is not only connoisseurs long a term. No wonder the sports-minded and powerful everyday tyres for all types of vehicle in million customers around the world are extremely popular. In the production process of Syron tyres, the company uses its many years of experience in the racing area. In addition, the high quality models are used successfully since 2011 in drift racing. Owners of small cars will appreciate the performance of Syron tyres that could be awarded several times already. A particularly popular model example of Syron tyres from the series Race 1 Plus, which it also Syron are to find.

Thanks to the outstanding liability, the special silica rubber compound and the many good runnability Syron tyres even in adverse weather conditions is ensured smoothness, speed and smooth ride in any case. There are also the high directional stability and extreme smoothness of popular models that guarantee maximum driving pleasure.

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