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Hankook Car Tyres

Many realize that the Hankook tyre are made by a company that is based in South Korea and they have gained a good reputable name for themselves. The hankook car tyres are often chosen by those who have good experience in tyre buying. This is because the tyres are rated high for delivering on all of the important assets that tyres need to possess. Such as quality components, unique tread design and durability. All of which contributes to safe driving. The car tyres hankook brand is a good choice for those who want reasonably priced tyres that they can count on.

Hankook Car Tyres Prices

A good way to start buying the hankook tyres for car brand is to shop on the web. This is because it provides many options. Most dealers now offer hankook car tyres online. For those who want the best deals then they need to buy hankook car tyres online so they can cash in on the best deals. There are always Hankook tyre deals because of promotions and competition. The challenge comes with trying to find these. However, this is a simple task when tyre shoppers take advantage of our Hankook tyre comparison for prices resource here.

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Hankook tyres

High-quality and functional tyres are essential for driving safety and- comfort. Not only the choice of a good brand, but also the right model is fundamental. Among the established tyre manufacturers, the Korean brand Hankook has proven internationally for many years. The company Hankook products convince with positive test results of the magazines "sports car" and "Auto Bild". A wide variety of summer, winter and all-season tyres are presented for different vehicle types. Tyres are produced respects Hankook on a security-oriented and environmentally sound technology.

History and Technology

Today, Hankook tyre the world's largest manufacturer of radial tyres for passenger cars , trucks, buses and vans. The company's history begins in 1941 with the foundation in Korea. At that Hankook was the first tyre manufacturer in the Asian country. Over the years, the company grows and is celebrating in 1981 its first branch in de USA. 1994 followed by the construction of a technology center in Hanover. Since 2001, a European distribution center exists in Rotterdam and since 2006 Hankook tyres are produced in Europe: the Hungarian Dunaujvaros. Meanwhile, the brand sold in 185 countries around the world and is ranked 7 of the economically most successful tyre manufacturer. Hankook is in the manufacture of its products to so-called "Kontrol Technology". hide protected innovations, which are used in tyre development and production This term. It is the optimum interplay between the tyre and the road at the center, because only through this is the best performance and control ensured via the vehicle.

Products and Test Results

The product range includes Hankook summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Somme tyres can be used in all seasons without snow. Even with a fast ride, they are safe to use. In addition, they ensure comfortable and silent driving. The test results of the magazines "sports car" and "Auto Bild" confirm total these properties Hankook summer tyres. In the sports car test 2012 Hankook Ventus S1 has been tested in 15 evo2 fast driving laps paces. In dry roads this tyre model is one of the best in its class. While the tyre in dry conditions reached a perfect score in the handling, the power went wet slightly. In addition, the aquaplaning properties were evaluated as very good. Even in the summer tyre test of Auto Bild 2012 Hankook Ventus S1 scored evo2 best results. The winter tyres from Hankook show at snow-covered roads to their strengths. A special blade and stud design improves the adhesion capabilities of this tyre enormous. The deep tread joints of the Hankook winter tyres also counteract a lateral slipping by interlock in soft snow. Thus, a very good steering and braking behavior is made possible. For regions with short winter Hankook all season tyres offers a medium-depth profile.

Hankook is a large tyre manufacturer, which has an international success story and is economically very successful. The world-known brand offers high-quality and technically innovative summer, winter and all-season tyres, convince their test results.

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