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Cooper tyres for rough terrain

Cooper is an American tyre manufacturer, whose tyres are particularly suitable for SUVs, SUVs and small trucks. Although many Cooper tyre specialize in these sectors, there is also a wide range of tyres for normal cars. Since the Cooper tyre & Rubber Company exists since 1926, the manufacturer of Findlay can draw on a wealth of experience in the state of Ohio.

continuous development

Innovation lies at the Cooper tyres in the first place. This is also necessary because of tyres Cooper are used in motor sport for example. However, since the main focus of Cooper tyre is in the field of SUVs, they play there from their strengths. The Zeon 4XS has all the features of a summer tyre in the premium segment and represents a good example of the technologies used in different versions offered by the Cooper tyre safety and long life at speeds of 240 -. 300 km/h per hour. Rubber compounds with nanoparticles allow a high strength, lower rolling resistance and lower noise. The special design of Cooper tyres the rim is protected and the grip on the road increases. In addition, will be omitted in the manufacture of the tyre on environmentally harmful chemicals.

Even in winter, reliable

For the cold and slippery season, Cooper tyres are also. With the Cooper Discoverer M + S cars are equipped to deal with snow and ice. When wet, the profile of the tyre engages also reliably to the road. For a good control on slushy roads they should maintain the deep and staggered tread grooves. In addition, also makes the cold-resistant rubber compound of Cooper tyre noticeable.

Off-road vehicles and SUVs find with Cooper tyre secure grip on roads and in difficult terrain. There they can impress with their special design and Vote. Special tyres for every season and price range complete the offer.

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