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Robust tyre for vans: The BF Goodrich Activan

High load capacity, long life, safe and reliable handling - that should make a high-quality truck tyres. BFGoodrich presented with the Activan a tyre which has been tailored to these criteria. Its innovative tread design and modern treads the BF Goodrich Activan leaves under all weather conditions easily mastered and has reliable Braking.

Proven themselves even under high loads

The BF Goodrich Activan is a tyre designed for professional use on trucks and vans. Accordingly, he can come up with a high mileage. The mixing ratio of the tread is adapted to the high loads in the transport sector. In this way, the driver with the BF Goodrich Activan daily over long distances move across his; the tyres have only a low abrasion and long show their full capacity. Transporter tyres should also be noticed by a reliable handling. The directional tread design of the BF Goodrich Activan ensures stable roadholding and fast response times.

Longer life thanks to reinforced sidewalls and carcasses

The profile is characterized by the broad, V-shaped sipes of the center block. These give the tyre a firm grip on dry and wet asphalt. A swift water drainage is also ensured by the directional tread design. Aquaplaning is for the van tyre so not a problem. For longer life, the tyre walls are reinforced and there are two-ply carcass used. In addition to the BF Goodrich Activan BFGoodrich offers Activan winter winter tyres for vans to.

The BF Goodrich Activan brings the properties that are desired by a high-quality truck tyres: In daily use, it is robust and can still be easy to control under all conditions.

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