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Zeta tyres are produced by S D International, which was established in 2002. The company’s primary sales directive the promotion of their private brand tyres including
• zeta, pace
• Toledo
• Duration
• Maztrek
• Bassoon
• Autoguard

Zeta tyres

Summer tyres

• Dynaxer HP3 tyres–disperses water to reduce risk of aquaplaning, reduced noise, better grip on wet surfaces
• Transpro tyres –good grip on wet surfaces for your van
• Viaxer tyres –better braking on both wet and dry surfaces, reduced vibrations and noise

All season tyres

• Quadraxer tyres–reduced risk of aquaplaning, better braking on snow, wet, and dry surfaces, reduced noise levels
• Citilander tyres –longer tread wear, better traction and braking on all surfaces will be available September 2015
Azura tyres – stable driving, good traction in wet condition and low level noise

Winter tyres

• Transalp 2 tyres –improved grip in winter conditions, lower noise levels
• Krisalp HP2 tyres–improved stability and braking in winter conditions

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