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Zeetex is an international tyre brand, which was created in 2005 and is marketed from Australia. Under the name Zeetex tyres, batteries, lubricants and other products are produced around the car. Overall Zeetex offers a wide variety of car tyres. A selection of Zeetex tyres are found in

International appreciation

Zeetex tyres renowned manufacturers are developed and produced in the same tyre factories in India, Indonesia, China, Taiwan and South Korea, where also Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli are produced under the umbrella. Therefore Zeetex made tyres from the same innovative material mix as Dunlop tyres, Pirelli tyres and other major manufacturers. In addition, drawing Zeetex Transporter tyres and of course car tyres made ​​by innovative profile. Due to a clever marketing policy Zeetex available on tyres, despite their high quality in the lower price segment. The main distributer of Zeetex tyre is the great Dutch tyre supplier S & H Tyres. Moreover Zafco Group acquired a portion of the sales of Zeetex tyres based in Dubai. tyres Zeetex offered in 85 countries around the world. They are produced in an environmentally friendly and comply with European REACH.

Zeetex tyres for different vehicle types

Zeetex car tyres are available for all weight classes. Under the brand name Zeetex tyres for cars, buses, trucks, trucks and vans are having. In Toroledo different summer and winter tyres for cars and are vans for comparison. Among them is the Zeetex ZT 1000, which is one of the latest developments of the brand and is on the European market since 2012 Design. Zeetex tyres are the right choice for all who want safety and high comfort for a small price. Among the best known Zeetex tyres is one of the HP101. The high performance tyre which offers long life and high performance.

Zeetex tyres characterized by safety, comfort and performanc. tyres Zeetex be produced in an environmentally friendly and offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

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