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Westlake tyres have been manufacturing a full line of quality tyres since 1958.

Car and minivan tyres

SP06 tyres –upgraded drainage for better resistance to aquaplaning, reduced noise
• RP18 tyres –All season touring tread
• H210 tyres –better turning, noise reduction

High Performance Series

• SV308 tyres –reduced rolling resistance for better fuel economy, shorter braking distance, reduced tread noise
• SA05 tyres –improved stability, enhanced turning precision
• SA07 tyres –for sedans and race cars lower rolling resistance give better fuel economySUVs and crossovers• SV308 tyres –shorter braking distance, reduced tread noise, better fuel economy
• SU318 tyres –better fuel economy, grip on wet roads
• SU317 tyres – comfort ride tyre designed for highway application

Winter tyres

• CR857+ tyres -improved off road performance, better traction and braking in snow
SW612 tyres –enhanced traction in wet, snow, and mud
• SW606 tyres –better grip on snow enhanced cornering stability

Light truck and bus tyres

• CR859 tyres –enhanced high speed steerability
• CR857 tyres –suv and lvan better off road performance, traction and braking on snow
• CR869 tyres –offers high speed stability
• H120 tyres –provides sufficient lateral holding power, enhanced stability
• H160 tyres –enhanced holding power and stability
• H170 –enhanced high speed stability
• H200 tyres –wider tread surface better lateral holding power and stability
• SC328 tyres –enhanced traction on wet road, durability
• SL305 tyres –special design for mini-van with durability
SL309 tyres –for suvs and vans, all season tread, handles heavy loads at highway speed, improved handling stability and durability
• SL366 tyres –better traction in country, improved wet traction and braking
• SL369 tyres –better water drainage for improved resistance to aquaplaning, enhanced traction on wet road, stability and handling with less noise on highway
• ST313 tyres – for mini bus, van and commercial vans, enables high durability and fights off cuts and abrasion in city roads

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