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Wanli S1088

Wanli S1088 is an auto car and independent tyre company. The S1088 is a new form of tyre that has been recently introduced with reasonable price and with much smart work. It is an all season tyre that works best in all seasons and does not crash, burn, puncture in any condition whatever the condition of the weather is, it works perfectly fine. It is designed to be fitted perfectly in the car of a new model or whether the old model car.

The model of a tyre S1088 is manufactured by the great tyre manufacture tyre brand called Wanly which is the super latest model that was launched recently. It gives aggressively high speed on gravel, snowy, wet, and dry all kinds of roads as it is all season tyres.

S1088 has a very good grip on wet roads the tyre holds a very smooth grip on roundabouts. It also gives unbelievable smooth drive. The traction under dry condition is awesome. Traction in snow, braking under wet conditions is a problem for some tyres but the S1088 model by Wanly has no problems while performing all the driving techniques.

The Wanly S1088 consumes less petrol or fuel and gives complete drive comfort.


Highly recommended for 4x4's, good tyre wear, low noise, could hardly see any wear after the first winter, for the value would definitely buy again and recommend to anyone.

S1088 by Wanly is fantastic and truly worth every penny. It makes the car more stable throughout the cold, icy winter months and as well as in the extremely hot weather while the roads are burning with the heat of the sun, and it also gives more confidence to drive that little bit harder. Wear is good and have 6mm of tread after 6months of very harsh conditions. It is the only tyre that is definitely recommended by the buyers and also highly demanded by the sports companies.

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